About Us


ACTIVE SPORTS NUTRITION has grown from an emerging Sports Nutrition Brand in the INDIA to enhance NUMBER 1 in World.

We are now expanding into the all over india and other contents with our ambition to simply make ACTIVE SPORTS NUTRITION the biggest sports nutrition brand in the World by 2020.

THe past 10 years have seen us consistently deliver excellent value, quality and innovation, launching a new product every week of the year.

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Why Us


You are the reason why we work the way we do. We understand the importance of health in your life. Health is the best investment you will ever make, and it is our responsibility to safeguard your investments and ensure that they repay tenfold. So, we have designed a unique customer loyalty program that repays you with each health product you purchase.


Tablets can sometimes get monotonous. Health should be happiness and fun. So, we have designed some unique delivery modes that ensure your daily consumption of health comes through enjoyable means. Read about our health teas, health soups, orange DHA drops, protein enriched butter, health masala – and discover a whole new approach to daily health.


We don’t believe in compromises, and neither should you. We use only the highest quality of natural ingredients in each of our products. We have a stringent quality control process which ensures that each production batch is standardized to the therapeutic dosage required, and produced under the strictest safety measures necessary.


Our products are made in wonderfully small batches with extreme care and detail. Since we don’t like nonsense, we have kept our products free of unnecessary ingredients that act as fillers. Instead, they are full of standardized natural ingredients which means ‘wholesome goodness’ – oh yeah!

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Our unique selling points are what really us apart from the rest of the industry. These unique selling points are categorised into 5 simple reasons:

We use the finest quality ingredients

we have an unrevalled product range

we lauch cutting edge innovation

we guarantee the lowest possible prices

we have first class customer service and logistics

I was a Active Sports Nutrition customer before an employee, so i have a direct understanding of the service our customers want & need because i was and am still one.


Our objective is to offer the highest quality product at the lowest possible prices, which we analyse daily in order to never be beaten on price.

This is due to three key reason ; Over 80% of the range is produced in our own production facility, along with our packaging and lables.

Our online business model of taking our product straight from our warehouse to the consumer allow us to pass all of these savings on to our customers.


Our customers are the backbone to our success and as such we are totally committed to making sure that their experience with myprotein is the best it can possibly be.

Through our 24hours chat service, whereby a team of nutritional advisors are available online to offer advice and support, we are always available for our customers whatever the problem and at any time of day.

Maxn's Delivery Services


Our free delivery on all orders over Rs.5000, and next day delivery service for order placed before 11Pm is something which our customers continue to feedback as one of the reasons why they continue to shop with Active Sports Nutrition.

Through our Customer service, whereby a team of nutritional advisors are available online to offer advice and support, we are always available for our customers whatever the problem and at any time of day.